Rug Event Basics

Welcome to the Bunyaad Rug Event Program

We are pleased with your interest in the Bunyaad Rug Program. We offer heirloom-quality, hand knotted Oriental rugs from Pakistan made by fairly paid adults. Hosting a rug event makes a huge difference in the lives of many artisans; adequate food, shelter, medical care and education become a reality as they receive a living wage for their work. On behalf of the Pakistani artisans who benefit from rug events, we thank you for your interest in hosting an Oriental Rug Event at your location.

What is an Oriental Rug Event?

Due to space and staff limitations at many Ten Thousand Villages affiliated stores, most are unable to carry fairly traded rugs year round. Each year, Bunyaad compiles a Rug Event schedule highlighting stores that have developed a dedication to rugs in promotion, space, energy and enthusiasm.

A portion of our inventory is brought to your store or offsite location by our rug representatives and selling of our fairly traded Oriental rugs occurs for a period of time (usually four days) determined by your store and the rug program. Your store becomes a host for the Rug Event and shares in many of its benefits.

Why Stores Choose to Host

  • To offer high quality, hand knotted Oriental rugs to their customer base demonstrating that they are a high-end, home d├ęcor and gift store.
  • To draw customers with adequate expendable income to purchase not only the rugs but also the store’s handicrafts.
  • To attract free press for this special, limited-time event that promotes their store throughout the year. The rug event showcases a special product line with a unique story.
  • To generate income for their store with no prior inventory purchase.

Every year our staff looks forward to hosting a rug event since it’s something different, new and exciting in spite of the creative work it requires. As a Fair Trade organization committed to long term relationships with artisans, we extend this commitment to the rug artisans. Because Bunyaad rugs are such a unique product line, the rug event helps our store draw a different clientele to add to our regular customer base.

Joan, manager

Just Creations
Louisville, KY

We felt the excitement growing about the rugs and we had our third and most successful event in September! We now know that the other rugs stores (4 within a few blocks) are not our competition, as the rugs we sell mean so much more to so many. In the end, yes it is a lot of work, but it’s worth it. And we know our artisan partners in Pakistan are relying on us and the sale of these rugs really does make a difference in their lives.


former manager of Ten Thousand Villages
Alexandria, VA
current regional sales manager Ten Thousand Villages Akron, PA

The support from the staff at The Rug Room is amazing. They are professional, helpful, and wonderful people who are there every step of the way to insure your event is successful. We enjoy working with them so very much!

Elizabeth, manager
Heather, rug event manager

Ten Thousand Villages
Archbold, OH

We find that it gives us an opportunity to get free publicity, to bring higher end customers into the store and to offer all our customers a very special product. The most important reason: our artisan partners in Pakistan are counting on us. We love to be part of making a difference in their lives!

Bonnie, manager

Ten Thousand Villages
Souderton, PA