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DVDs, Sample Rugs, Ambassadors for Fairly Traded Rugs & More

Bunyaad Intro to Rugs Video

Find creative ways to show the Bunyaad Intro to Rugs video year-round as it very effectively conveys the fair trade mission of the rugs, their extreme durability and high quality. Customers can easily find it on the rug website under RUGS 101


  • Make certain all of your store staff, volunteers and board view the video at least once and challenge them to share the video over their personal social media networks.
  • Include a link to the video in staff and volunteer newsletters and in letters to community groups, church forum facilitators, high school social studies departments and the economics and peace and justice departments of colleges. These visuals spark word of mouth advertising of the rugs.
  • Play this video on your store floor several months preceding your rug event. Post a “__Days Until your Rug Event” poster near the video to let customers know how soon these rugs will be arriving at your store.

Watch the Bunyaad Intro to Rug video

Share it Onward!

The Bunyaad Intro to Rugs video is easy to watch online and share across social media networks.

Rug Samples Displayed In The Store

Customers need to see and feel the wonderful quality of our rugs, so make attractive displays using different types of hand knotted rugs.


Use as wall hangings (attached with small finishing nails) or as part of displays with other products. Never display rugs on the floor where people could walk on them.

Time Frame:

  • Suggested: when you are ready to make a display to promote your upcoming rug event.
  • You are able to sell these sample rugs. They would be rung through your cash register the same way you do during your event. Immediately following the sale of a sample rug, write up a rug sales form including complete customer information and rug description and email a copy of the sales invoice to rugsales@rugs.tenthousandvillages.com  and an invoice will be sent to you, payable net 10.

How to Order:

Stores hosting a rug event may keep three small rugs for year-round display, if desired. Store pays shipping and covers rugs under their regular store inventory insurance. In case of theft or damage during the promotional loan period, your store will be responsible. Order below.

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Rug display

Rug Design Jewelry Making Kits

Have your volunteers and staff being a walking promotion for your upcoming rug event as they wear their own Rug Design pendant.


  • Pre-event parties with specialized groups (women’s clubs, potential buyers, invite people to come and make a special gift). Use your imagination!
  • Mother’s Day Special Event: Make a necklace for yourself and one for Mom or Grandma with the promise to share about the rugs.

How to Order:

Each kit includes enough materials for 50 pendants (many different shapes and sizes, with some key-chain rings for those not desiring to wear their pendant as a necklace), the glass covers for each pendant, various colored graphs for participants to select and a glazing compound to adhere the pieces together. The kit also includes 50 current rug brochures. The cost of these kits is $95.00. Order below.

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Jewelry Kit

Jewelry Kit

Order DVD’s, Sample Rugs & Jewelry Kits

Rug Samples for Displays

Rug Design Jewelry Making Kits

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More Ideas Below

Keep scrolling past the order form for great suggestions on Educating Staff, Ambassadors for Fairly Traded Rugs, Pre-Event Parties and How Faith Communities Can Help.

Educate Board, Staff & Volunteers

They are your first advertisers and customers!


Involve staff and volunteers in planning for this event. It’s amazing how the excitement generated before and during the event transfers to your customer base! Send the Online Training Sessions to board, staff and volunteers and urge them to bookmark it for their use. Plan a social gathering with your staff around the rug event to explain the many aspects of representing and selling the rugs coming to your store. Make it fun!

Time Frame:

Start educating staff as soon as you have your rug event dates. Do more intense training 3 month before your event.

How to Order:

Use the Online Training Sessions: https://manual.bunyaad.org/wp-content/uploads/prep-training-sessions.pdf

What Works Best?

Copy the link for the Online Training Sessions and email to everyone planning to work at your rug event.


Online Training

Fair Trade Rug Ambassadors

Individuals among your board, staff and volunteers have many connections within your communities. They are a valuable asset to your event and the Pakistani artisans when they convey the mission of the rug program and the quality rugs it produces to community groups such as clubs, church forums and educational venues.A program of 20-30 minutes can be easily delivered by drawing information from the Online Rug Event Training Sessions and materials that the rug program has available. The example below is just one of many presentations that could be delivered by rug ambassadors to your community.

Outline of Presentation:

  • 10 minutes: Introduce the concept of Fair Trade Rugs and the Bunyaad Rug Program. Focus on the tagline and how the rug program makes this a reality. (Find info in Session 1 of Online Rug Event Training Sessions.)
  • 15 minutes: Show the Bunyaad Intro to Oriental Rugs video online
  • 5 minutes: Tell an artisan story via pictures or powerpoint
  • 10 minutes: Show rug samples and talk briefly about the types of rugs and their care. (Find info in Session 4 of the Online Rug Event Training Sessions)
  • Give the details of the rug event and customer seminar to be hosted by your store.

Time Frame:

1–3 months out from your rug event

How to Order:

Check the Promotion Images/Stories page to find the images and artisan stories you want to use.

What Works Best?

Using images and one personal story either about an artisan or why you support the Rug Program will have the most impact. It makes it personal!

Pre-Event Promotion Parties

Preceding their rug event, many stores host special evenings such as preview parties, wine and cheeses, sneak peeks and open houses. Hosting these 1-2 months before their event gets customers excited about the rugs and keeps such events out of the busy rug event week.

Party Ideas:

  • Host a party in your store, nearby fair trade stores or other receptive stores. Talk about the unique qualities of Bunyaad rugs and the mission of the rug program. Have your sample rugs available to see and explain the types of Bunyaad rugs, play the Bunyaad Intro to Rugs video and serve Pakistani treats.
  • Host a showcase of Fair Trade Rugs in a home. Choose a home of a frequent rug customer, and invite attendees to enjoy a home atmosphere where they walk among and learn about these fairly traded rugs by Bunyaad. Showcase rugs throughout several rooms with the rug video playing in one room and serve Pakistani treats in another room. Pass out brochures and bag stuffers about your event.
  • Host an Educators’ Party to inform local secondary/university instructors about your store and how fair trade benefits the artisans and the customers. Feature the rugs coming to your store, talk about them and how the Pakistani artisans lives are changed by fair trade. Pass out brochures and bag stuffers about your event.
  • Host a Peace through fair trade party. Educate about how fair trade encourages peace with a special focus on the rug program and the specific ways peace is realized in the villages of Pakistan through this program. Pass out brochures and bag stuffers about your event.

Time Frame:

1–2 months preceding your rug event

What Works Best?

Keep it simple! Pass out brochures and bag stuffers about your event and encourage folks to share them with friends and family.

How Faith Communities Can Help

Identify area churches that would be willing to help promote your rug event. Fair trade rugs are beyond retail. When describing them to a faith community explain that they are:

  • A job creation/relief effort that empowers people who are in poverty.
  • A peace effort that reduces frustrations by paying a living wage to artisans that allows them to provide for their families, educate their children and visualize a future that promises opportunities for a better life.

How can faith communities promote my rug event?

  • Posting a blurb in their church newsletter several months in advance of your event with links to the rug website.
  • Including a blurb about your event in their bulletin within the month of your event.
  • Allowing a representative of your store to speak in a church forum or Sunday School class about the rugs and show the Bunyaad Intro to Rugs video.
  • Inviting a representative of your store to make a brief announcement during the service.
  • Hosting a yard sign on their church property.
  • Displaying a poster.

Which faith communities should I contact?

  • Those who have been in tune with your store’s mission in the past.
  • Those related most closely to your board, staff and volunteers.

Time Frame:

Make initial contact with churches 7 months out from your rug event. If they respond favorably, send them blurbs for their newsletters/bulletins and schedule for an ambassador to speak at the church.

How To Order:

Bulletin Examples

What Works Best?

Connect with faith communities close to your store for extra community support. Is this a one-time effort or are you collaborating on other projects?