2019 Rug Brochures in Stock and Ready to be Ordered!

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Good news! The 2019 Rug brochure with dated rug event insert is FINALLY printed and ready for ordering. They are available in packs of 50 and they are FREE to all stores in the US and Canada!

Rug Events Reflections: 2018 Redondo Beach

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This year I made a rug-related New Year’s Resolution. I decided it was time to worry less about writing the perfect reflection of each rug event but instead write our experiences, joys and revelations from our time at rug events across North America. We learn so much from all of our interactions with the stores, from our preparation and promotion efforts throughout the year to set-up and selling during the event. And it’s these lessons or thoughts we’d like to share with all of you — right away!

So, here’s how I see my 2018 resolution working. After each rug event, I’ll quickly capture what our team felt was some of the cool parts of that event. I’m going to try my best to make my English readable and my blog format something that won’t make our dear HTML guru Heike hyperventilate. But the focus will be on getting these thoughts,  reflections and images out to you as quickly as possible so you might take the wisdom of another store and apply it to your own event.

This year our 2018 Rug Event season began in sunny Redondo Beach, California.

2018 Rug Brochure Hot off of the Presses and Ready for you to Order

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We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Rug Brochure with dated 2018 US & Canadian Rug Event insert is in the Ten Thousand Villages Akron warehouse waiting for you to order it.

The brochures come in packs of 50 and can be ordered for free from the Ten Thousand Villages Akron warehouse using stock number 2200080.

Stock up on Rug Coasters for the Holidays – Free Shipping on 50+

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Stock up on Coasters for the Holidays
Free shipping on orders of 50 or more coasters

Everyone wants a rug for the holidays and we have the rug priced for all budgets!

Our hand knotted rug coasters are made just like our larger carpets and require the same detail for finishing as our large pieces. And these mug rugs are just perfect for your coffee mug, your tea cup, your coffee table and even your child’s doll house!

We just got over 1200 new coasters into stock from Pakistan. Order NOW so that all of your customers can fill their stockings with rug coasters.

Suggested retail $14.95 USD each. Wholesale is $7.48 USD each.

To place your order, email us at and let us know how many you’d like. We’ll choose a wonderfully varied selection for you and invoice your store for the purchase, net 30.

Free shipping offer valid through November 30, 2017.

(and special thanks to Patrick at Just Creations for creating this beautiful coaster collage image for us!)

Making Rug Event Education a Year-Round Topic with Your Customers

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 In an attempt to educate all of your customer bases year round about the rugs so that they can be constantly thinking and planning for your event, we are unrolling a new series of emails. These emails will come out roughly every six weeks and will educate your customers about a different aspect of the carpets… sometimes method, sometimes maker, sometimes life experiences. At the end of every email will be a reminder of your store’s upcoming rug event dates (and if you don’t yet have dates, we will note that the dates will be announced soon).