2019 Rug Brochures in Stock and Ready to be Ordered!

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Good news! The 2019 Rug brochure with dated rug event insert is FINALLY printed and ready for ordering. They are available in packs of 50 and they are FREE to all stores in the US and Canada!

  • If you order from Ten Thousand Villages US, they can be added onto your next order. The sku number is 2200080.
  • If you order from Ten Thousand Villages Canada, they can be added to your next order. The stock number is 1023008 for English. (The French version is still being prepared so stay tuned. When available, they can be ordered under stock number 1023018).
  • If you don’t order from either Ten Thousand Villages location, we will happily ship you brochures from the Bunyaad Rug Room for a small shipping charge.

Please recycle any old brochures that you have (note the font change on the front of the 2019 brochures). The old brochures have old store information on the back that is no longer valid.

Even if you don’t host a rug event, help us promote the rug program and the over 50 events throughout North America this year by simply having the brochures on display in your store. Your customers (and us!) will thank you!

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